Tuesday, January 13, 2004

submeat's top 100 tracks of 2003: songs to download and love

#73 "Love Story (Vs. Finally) (Tim Deluxe Vocal Mix)," Layo + Bushwacka! (XL UK)

One of those perfect dancefloor moments when the DJ mixes two records so superbly, released for everyone to enjoy. In this case, the DJ is Tim Deluxe, the vocals are from Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight's "Finally" (a fave of MAW), and the (largely) instrumental track is Layo + Bushwacka!'s "Love Story." Much akin to the 2001 EBTG vs. Soul Vision track "Tracey In My Room," the pairing is so miraculous, you can't imagine one song without the other any more. And why would you want to? L+B!'s deep, sumptuous textures enwrap McKnight's creamy vocal in love, love, love.

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