Wednesday, January 28, 2004

submeat's top 100 tracks of 2003: songs to download and love

#50 "Cab Driver," Daryl Hall (Liquid 8)

And we enter the top half of my 2003 chart with a most unlikely one. Yes, I'm a massive Hall & Oates fan, but that doesn't mean I'm a blind (nay, deaf?) one: apart from parts of Daryl's '94 Soul Alone and their late-'02 "Do It For Love" single, they've not done much worth spending time with in the last, oh, 12 or 13 years. That changed this year with the belated (it came out in Japan in '01!) release of Daryl's Can't Stop Dreaming, a surprisingly solid collection of smooth, soulful pop with a slight jazz inflection. "Cab Driver" is effortless, and near perfection, Daryl singing a great (self-penned, of course) "gotta get back to my baby" song to the accompaniment of a smoove arrangement, adult without being boring, featuring a lot of sax. Sublime.

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