Thursday, January 29, 2004

submeat's top 100 tracks of 2003: songs to download and love

#45 "Sly Beyoncé Walks Like A Nerd," Go Home Productions (

Most bootleg/mashups take the musical track from one song and combine it with the vocals from another. But why limit yourself? GHP, getting better and surer and stronger in his craft seemingly every day, puts forth a four-song mashup with "Sly Beyoncé," using "Family Affair" (Sly and the Family Stone), "Crazy In Love" (Beyoncé, duh), "Walk Like An Egyptian" (Bangles), and "Run to the Sun" (N*E*R*D) and crafting one magical 3:19 song out of them. It's one of the most complex pieces I've heard of his, yet easily his most relaxed/mellow - this would fit nicely on a chillout mix, believe it or not. But what you've gotta believe is that Mark, a/k/a GHP, is the shit, and one of the UK's most talented musicians at this moment in time.

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