Tuesday, January 13, 2004

< vent>Today, during our bullshit "refresher training" (more like an excuse for our VPs to act like they have any idea what's going on/what the fuck we do), we were "reminded" by not-one-but-two people that "what we do is important," "helping the kids," blah blah bullshit. You know what? Here's why I can never be a "real" social worker: I could give a fuck. This is a job. This (barely) pays my bills. No more, often less. 90% of my clients are ghetto bitches who can't keep their legs closed (and haven't since, oh, age 14 or so). I don't care what happens to them. Period. I come in at 830, I leave at 430. I love my coworkers and immediate supervisor. But the people our program is serving? Fuck 'em.< /vent>

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