Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Vacation snapshot #3:

Taking Scott record shopping, in search of new sounds, and, while describing Massive Attack's Protection to him, finding myself having to define "dub." I think I came up with something along the lines of "reggae - not dancehall - without the lyrics, very bass-heavy, but not like drum'n'bass." But what struck me was the initial challenge: how, exactly, does one define dub? I'll throw this question to the studio audience.

Not to mention that in introducing Scott to new genres/styles (he's a fan of some trance, but wanted to step out of that ghetto), I felt a bit like Thom Filicia, only in a record store instead of Pier 1: "Now, I noticed that you like x, and I think you're ready to branch out and try something more y..."

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