Monday, January 19, 2004

VH-1 has finally come up with a good new piece of programming - and it's actually about music! Bands Reunited is a great idea with even better execution. Tonight's premiere featured Berlin, and it was feel-good all around. Host Ameer Haleem is generally a smug sorta dickwad, but came off as fairly affable and fun. He was able to get all 6 members to commit to the reunion, and they enjoyed themselves and sounded surprisingly good for a band which hasn't played together for nearly 20 years. Lead singer Terri Nunn still looks amazing. It doesn't hurt, either, that "The Metro" is still a classic. Bravo, bravo! Tomorrow night: Romeo Void.

[I'm running a special series of limited-edition downloads keyed to Bands Reunited, this week and next; each one will only be up for 3-4 days. Enjoy.]

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