Monday, March 22, 2004

I love happy accidents. In working on the "#1 R&B Singles of the 1970s" project today, I came across a song by a group who were signed to Stax/Volt in their last days, Sons of Slum. Endless Googling - and even the All Music Guide, usually an invaluable resource - haven't helped me learn a thing about 'em, so all I've got to go on is a long-out-of-print single, "The Push and Pull." It certainly sounds like late-period Stax, all dirty and fonky, heavy on the horns and heavy on the sauce. Lots of tambourine, too. Excellent stuff, so you know I had to share the joy. And if anyone has any info on Sons of Slum, please share it with us all, won't you?

Addendum: the ever-helpful Geoffrey alerted me to the fact that there've been problems with downloading the mp3s I've posted lately. Whoops. Problem rectified, download away!

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