Friday, March 19, 2004

So, I've decided (to the inevitable chagrin of Matos - I would if I could, man) that the followup to Rock Me Tonight, possibly even a concurrent blog, will be my review of every single to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart (as it was called then) in the 1970s. Mainly 'cause not only do I have the most important resource at my disposal (which is Joel Whitburn's Top R&B Singles 1942-1995 [my edition isn't the most current, but it works]), but because the '70s were such a ridiculously fascinating decade for music in general, and R&B in particular. In the course of just 10 years, things went from trad Motown and Stax through uncut funk (i.e. JB, Eddie Kendrick - no, really!), Philly soul, disco, new-school funk (i.e. Rick James), and, well, Prince. That's one hell of a 10-year stretch, ain't it? And you know what's most struck me, as I've worked during halftimes and downtimes of NCAA games these last two days? There were some weird records topping the R&B chart in the '70s. Joe Tex's 1972 hit "I Gotcha" is a case in point; is this a stalker's theme song? [Not to mention that the sound of it, what with all of his screeches scattered throughout the song's 2:28, is just plain odd.] Hear for yourself - there's an mp3 posted for your pleasure.

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