Monday, March 22, 2004

Speed round:

Boy, did everyone's brackets blow up this weekend, or what? I've already lost three of my Final Four teams. Ah, well - I'd much rather have exciting games and big upsets in the NCAAs than have my brackets break correctly, and that much we've certainly gotten... [Jeffy and Albert are currently leading my pool.]

After seeing his performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (last night on VH-1), I am more determined than ever to see Prince on his Musicology tour - which he says is the last time he'll be performing most of his greatest hits, and which he's doing in the round. 8/17/04 at the FleetCenter, provided I have the cash and can get a day off by then. Who's in?

This just in: White House rebuts claim by someone who was in Bush's administration - in this case, Bush's then-top anti-terror advisor, Richard Clarke - that the Prez ignored terror warnings to go after Hussein. Wait, that already happened? This is the second time? Hmm. Makes you think, doesn't it?

It looks like the next mainline Christian denomination to tackle the issues of gays as clergy will be my home denomination (and that in which my Dad is a Pastor), the United Methodist Church. The UMC's every-four-years General Conference comes (next month) hot on the heels of a UMC jury acquitting an openly lesbian pastor of breaking the rules, as it were.

*Yawn.* Remember when news of a Madonna tour was exciting news? After the debacle that was the Drowned World tour, however (I recall watching a live concert from it on cable), you can bet I won't be lining up for tickets for this one.

Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash I can potentially see, and certainly accept. Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash, though, I have a somewhat harder time with. But I'll certainly give I Walk the Line a shot whenever it hits theatres. has a fascinating article on the potential impact Howard Stern - yes, Howard Stern - could have on the presidential election. And his fans are apparently paying attention.

Also from comes this blurb, proving that a lot of people, including some you might not expect, are excited about getting the vote out on 11/2/04:

In what has to be the most unlikely drive to register voters, Trick Daddy, Trina and Luke Campbell will be gearing up for Election 2004: The Movement Tour. Kicking off March 27 in Miami, the artists will perform at 11 events around the state of Florida with the aim of registering 40,000 new voters and raising awareness about issues that affect the hip-hop community. One reason the tour is limited to Florida is because Trick Daddy is still on supervised probation stemming from a drug charge last September.

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