Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today's Boondocks (which you can read every day at uComics) is an instant classic. [Granted, most of 'em are, but this one especially so.]

And interestingly, the same day, the bipartisan panel looking into the roots of 9/11 (as it were) has stated that preliminary findings show that both the Clinton and Bush administrations could have done a lot more to stop al-Qaida. Whatcha wanna bet Condi spins this as "look what the Dems didn't do!"/"This is clearly politically motivated," or at least tries?

Staying with the terror-threat thread,

A government source said security officials would try screening technologies this spring to see what works best and would initially limit the program to one station.

This from an Reuters piece regarding U.S. rail security. Now, as someone who's taken (and loves) Amtrak quite a bit, I can speak firsthand to the fact that there is NO security, nor screening, for rail travel in the U.S. And it's clearly needed. But isn't this taking things a wee bit slowly? Not only did it take the horrible bombings in Spain to drive us to action, but we'll start testing the "technologies" at one station?! Could Tom Ridge, I ask you, be any more useless?

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