Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Good God, Complicated Fun is a superbsuperbsuperb music and popcult blogzine. I was reeled in by the series of "I Hate 1984" posts (particularly Matos's genius riff on Daddino's CDR700 Go! 1984: "Bonjour, Monsieur Orwell!"), but it's all such good gravy, babies.

Sticking in music-geek land, I present for your delictation The Slack Album, DJ N-Wee's "Hov/Pave" mix. What do you think of it? [Link via Nate. Speaking of Nate...]

Patrin's take on the forthcoming Jim DeRogatis-edited anthology, Kill Your Idols is just so. fucking. good. that I may not even need to read the book (though I assuredly will). Now, this is why I read Hipster Detritus in the first place.

For all of your non-mainstream listening needs, there's my favorite mp3blog, which is of course Matthew's Fluxblog. Strength to strength, trust.

Eppy's Virtual Michiana Blog makes me tres happy. Why couldn't I meet people like this when we both lived in friggin' Indiana?!

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