Monday, May 17, 2004

I know, I know, you all clearly think I've abandoned my churren (chirren? Ebonics spellcheck on Aisle 4, please), my beloved Rock Me Tonight and his little bro Doing It To Death (Part 1), seeing as how it's been nearly 6 weeks since I posted at either blog. But the fact of the matter is that they're gonna get an infusion of new love, soon. Woulda been today, in fact, except that something's fucked up with my sound card at the moment (yes, I so dearly need a new machine, I know. Donations accepted but not solicited).

In other news, taking up much of my time these last 6 weeks (give or take) - and keeping me from my usual prodigious standard of blogging output - has been new experiences. A lot of the impetus behind my move to NH was to shake things up in my life, and make big changes, and that's certainly been the result. For instance, last week, I made banana bread for the first time. It didn't turn out so great, but some of it was edible. And I tried, and learned from the mistakes I made, so there you go.

Tonight, I looked at a used vehicle - and I mean looked at, as in poked around, looked under the hood and such (it's a learning curve: had my roomie's father, who used to own an auto-parts shop, here for more-than-backup), in anticipation of possibly purchasing it. It's a white '86 Jeep Cherokee, in quite good condition (especially considering it's 18 years old), and it appears that it will, in fact, be my first-ever car. I spent much of this morning getting quotes on car insurance, as well, and will be going to take my driving test next week. My Dad asked me last night why I was "waiting so long" to take the test, and I replied that I wanted to make damned certain that I pass, no ifs/ands/buts.

This pic's close enough, I s'pose.

I'm gonna have a car! And a license! And insurance! Lord, I feel like such an adult.

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