Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Observations made whilst flipping between music-video channels this a.m.:

I saw OutKast's "Roses" four times in one hour (once each on MTV, MTV2, VH1, and BET), and stopped for it every time. It's the video of the year until something knocks it off. [Jay-Z's "99 Problems" comes real close, mind.]

What is R. Kelly wearing in the "Happy People" clip? Is that - what? - a satin choir robe or something? And why's he wearing a tie on the outside of it?

Who's more useless, New Found Glory or Dashboard Confessional? Discuss.

Big & Rich's "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)" is going to flop at radio, and I'm stunned they got it on CMT. Not only is its subtitle ride a cowboy, but the video is sexed-up - well, not quite to Color Me Badd proportions, but certainly much more than most clips found on CMT (especially considering it was immediately followed by Josh Turner's Jesus ode "Long Black Train" - kudos to whichever CMT programmer decided to go with that bit of cheek). It's pretty good, though, albeit high on the cheese factor (if this vid/single is any indication, they make Montgomery Gentry look subtle). And one of 'em, not sure if it's Big or Rich, looks like a gay pornstar.

And speaking of "Long Black Train," could that vid be a little more heavy-handed?

Here's why Jessica Simpson is no Cher: because, as "Take My Breath Away" shows, Jess can't even act in her own videos. Not even when lip-synching.

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