Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Speed round:

Take that, Asshole General Ashcroft.

The upsets continue at Roland-Garros.

Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose seems to get better, unbelievably, with each listen.

The automobile is the best invention, ever. Well, after devices reproducing recorded music. But it's a close #2. I'm so hearting my '86 Jeep Cherokee.

Finally, a classic album deserving of an expanded reissue.

When I think of Alice Cooper - not to mention Avr*l's fucking Dylan cover - I think of peace and unity, don't you?

Coming soon: my New England-ese glossary; it only begins with "wicked"...

And Morrissey, who notches the highest chart position of his career (in the U.S.) this week with You Are the Quarry's debut at #11 (so tantalizingly close to the top 10!), has signed (essentially - you say "supervising," I say runnin' t'ings) the original gangsta bitch, Nancy Sinatra, whose album sounds like it'll either be brilliant or horrid. But her first single's a Mozzer cover! The curiousity factor'll be through the roof, at least.

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