Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In brief:

House of Flying Daggers is good but it's no Hero. B+

The Aviator is Hollywood filmmaking at its finest, the kind of film only Scorcese's making these days, which is fine, because he's about the only director around capable of fully pulling it off. Give him his damned Oscar, already - not only does he deserve it, he deserves it for this film. The second-best film of '04 (behind Sideways). A+

Sunday night, the bf and I went to see Deaf West Theatre's astounding revival of Roger Miller's 1985 Tony award winner Big River. Simply put, Big River is the story of Huck Finn put to music - but in this production, it's so much more. Deaf West has each role signed and sung, sometimes by different actors. It's a truly stunning experience; if you get a chance to take in their national tour, I highly recommend you do so. A

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