Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Speed round:

About damned time. They only, like, practically created the concept of Crossroads. [Second item down, and you're damned right I'll watch.] [Actually, it's about time for the first item, too, of which you may recall I'm a big fan.]

My pal Gaz and I have challenged each other to see who sees the most films in a theatre in 2005. The rules: they have to be films we've not seen before, and they can't be revivals. You can track our progress here. And while you're at it, check out the ol' Gazzer's website; he's remodeled, and it looks loverly.

Odd choices regarding who'll induct who at next month's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. What does Springsteen have to do with U2? And nothing against Neil Young, but couldn't they have found, oh I don't know, a woman to induct the Pretenders? Someone like Shirley Manson, perhaps?

Full review coming, but suffice it for now to say that the much-hyped LCD Soundsystem elpee is well worth your hard-earned dough.

Yeah, I'm excited about tonight's Project Runway finalé. Kara Saun looks like the winner, but I wouldn't count Jay out. I'll be honest, though: I really just want to hear the two of them rip Wendy to shreds.

And it's finally stopped raining.

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