Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hoops, anyone? Here's an email I sent to some friends earlier today; it's halftime right now in the first pair of games, lest you think I'm cheating in my predix.


Here are my picks based on who's in the Sweet 16; if I originally picked a team and they're still in it, I'm stickin' with 'em. Fortunately, my championship teams (IL and UNC) are still in it. And while I may eat these words, watch out for Knight's boys - the way the Albuquerque bracket's opened up, they could actually make the Final Four (though I don't expect it).

Oh, and how great is it that we're guaranteed at least two teams seeded 6th or lower in the Elite Eight?! I love this game.

Regional - who I picked still in (and who's out)
Elite Eight matchup

Chicago - I picked IL, UW-Milwaukee, and OK State (and Utah State)
(1) Illinois over (2) OK State

Albuquerque - I picked Washington and Louisville (and Gonzaga and Wake Forest)
(1) Washington over (6) Texas Tech

Syracuse - I picked UNC (and, um, New Mexico, Boston College, and UConn - oops)
(1) UNC over (6) Wisconsin

Austin - I picked Duke, Utah, and Kentucky (and Syracuse)
(also known as the Please God please God oh please let Duke lose Regional)
(6) Utah over (1) Duke

3 #1 seeds and a #6 in the Final Four.
Semifinals: Illinois over Washington, UNC over Utah
Championship: Illinois 77, UNC 65

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

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