Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Subjects for further review: "Got To Find Me Somebody" by Inner Life

This 1982 funky jazzy dancefloor gem is a fairly astounding record, with a lead singer who sounds like Jocelyn Brown's deadringer - she's got the lungs. But why is it so obscure, so unknown? This would fit in ever so nicely in a Masters At Work DJ set, an all-the-way-live track that could've only come from that early-'80s period when disco was mutating into house. Funky like Roger Sanchez, not Cameo, and frankly nearly perfect, from its loud keyb squelches to its strong-independent-woman lyrics ("I'll give my love to somebody who'll give love back to me"). Nate, you're a genius for unearthing this (on this amazing comp).

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