Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Speed round:

Holy shit. Stella's sho' nuff lost her groove.

I've meant to post this for weeks: my favorite song by The Who is "Eminence Front." Why do I keep hearing from people that this is such a bad thing? Great lyrics, great music, great vocals. [I'm not saying this provoke peeps, but worse things have happened...]

My pal Johnny has updated and totally redecorated over at his blog. Psst: don't tell him this, but I adore him. He rocks hard.

Sports fans, don't forget to vote for this year's ESPYs. [Though I'll be the first to tell you they've got way too many damn categories - I mean, Best Outdoor Sports Athlete (think fishermen - really), Best Bowler, Best WNBA Player, Best Jockey?! Come on.]

I should be horrified by your Who pick, but then again, I've had a love-hate relationship with "You Better You Bet," sung by a heaving sleazo who has no business slavering over open arms, open legs, and, yes, looks pretty crappy.
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