Sunday, June 12, 2005

Summer reality shows I (well, the bf and I) love:
1. Kept: Jerry Hall was made to be on television. On this VH-1 show, the leggy Texan supermodel who was the girlfriend of both Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry attempts to culture a dozen Yankee boys (she lives in London now, y'know) while cutting one each week. The winner will become her "kept man" for a year.
2. The Next Food Network Star: Titles don't get much more self-explanatory. Marc Sommers is an ideal host for this one.
3. Stripsearch: Considering how vile their "Celebreality" shows were this season, VH-1's hit the mark with their pair of new summer offerings. This one's basically a distaff Top Model, with 15 would-be alpha-males living together and competing for one of 7 slots in an all-male review in Las Vegas. Welcome to testosterone city!
4. Popularity Contest: Unfortunately, this one ended Saturday night, but what an oddly compelling series - and it was on CMT! 10 "city slickers" get plunked down into Vega, TX (population: 936) and every 3 days, someone is voted "least popular" by the town's residents. It's an odd conceit, but it makes for appallingly watchable television. Catch it in reruns if you can.
5. Oh, and there's a new season of Queer Eye as well, always worth watching.

Summer reality shows we don't love:
1. The dance one which, amazingly, could be the #1 show in America this week.
2. The washed-up-bands one.
3. The nasty-chef one.
[I'm not naming any of 'em, 'cause I don't want Google hits from any of 'em. Ick.]

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