Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lest you wonder where I've been for the past week-plus, I'll just say that car accidents fucking suck, especially when your car gets totalled. [I'm uninjured, however, so don't worry.] In happier news, Paul Cox is at long last back b-back-b-back back on the blog, as is (after a much shorter hiatus) Nate Patrin.

Oh, and Sunday night, I was enjoying the only U.S. date in 2005 from a certain Brixton crew. From an email I sent to some pals Monday morning:

Fuck ME, Jaxx are jaw-droppingly amazing in concert. [And stupid me: why didn't I ask on ILM ... if anyone was going? Only US date and all, in L.A., there had to be some other rockcrit types there, no?] Anyone who doesn't believe "Where's Your Head At" (which had Felix calling us all "motherfuckers!" In a good way, I mean) is an anarchistic punk(-funk) masterwork has never seen them live (and did I mention that the Traktor crew, about 8 strong, swarmed the stage in monkey suits mid-song?), and the finalé of "Bingo Bango" a) proved that they were clued in to baile funk a good half-decade before anyone else, b) featured a 30-piece Brazilian drum corps and about 10-12 carnivale dancers (you know, with huge headdresses and bejeweled outfits), and c) turned the Hollywood Bowl into Rio for 15 minutes. No guest stars showed up, and frankly, none were needed (though JC Chasez and "Plug It In" would've been a nice touch). And to our profound surprise, Royksopp were great, too. Just the 2 Norwegians behind decks, drum pads, keyboards, PCs, and mics, but they were pretty awesome. "Eple" was of course a highlight, as was the new "Circuit Breaker." [Their new album is required listening, too.] As an added bonus, the Tower Records tent (a Bowl fixture) was selling the IMPORT of the Jaxx Singles DVD for $17. Of course we bought it, and of course we had to watch a little when we got home - ALL of the videos, plus 8 live performances, plus a bunch of special features. I believe the phrase is "super-sweet."

[Even though I'm exhausted from the meager sleep I got last night,] it was so totally worth it, no question. This was one of my top 5 concerts ever, up there with NIN/Bowie, ATR/Wu/RATM, and Badu/P-Funk at Smokin' Grooves. It was that good... .

Only US date? Does that mean they'll be hitting Canada this year?

I love Basement Jaxx (and man, that best-of is amazing), but I've never really gotten into "Where's Your Head At".
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