Sunday, August 07, 2005

Speed round, or whatever I used to call it:

This shit is bananas: which rapper does your college team most closely represent? Or vice-versa? Here's some possibilities. [Link from O-Wang.]

Reason #863 why I heart Justice John Paul Stevens, reppin' against the misuse of the death penalty.

House Is A Feeling is a new collabo "100BPM and up" blog featuring a cast of 8 slam-dunk home run hitters, including Harvell and Sherburne, amongst other blogstars.

Whenever I'm feeling a little too hot & sweaty, I take a peek at conditions atop Mt. Washington, NH. Always cools me down a couple of degrees (plus the comments by the denizens of the summit are fascinating).

The Woodsman: pretty good movie, great performance (albeit a bit one-note) from Kevin Bacon, but depressing as all hell. You've been warned.

I loved The Woodsman, so much that I'm ashamed I waited till two months ago to see it instead of rushing out to catch it in January in time to make my best-of list. Uncommonly understated, zero melodrama (and two fine supporting performances from Mos Def and Kyra Sedgwick)
On an unrelated note, I kinda really want to hear that Caps & Jones mix you just reviewed for Stylus. You made it sound pretty awesome.
Thanks, Ian. You can get a copy of it here.
The Woodsman is a HORRIBLE film. Kevin Bacon just happens to rent a place directly across the street from a pedophile's stalking point? That point completely destroys any believability the movie had. The scene with the girl in the park is VERY tense, however.
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