Friday, October 06, 2006

The Jacksons

Janet Jackson and Alan Jackson released new albums on the same day last week. In sadly unsurprising news, Janet's isn't the better of the two. (No, I didn't review them together; full review of Alan's coming soon, but I can tell you that it's real nice.)

I enjoyed your review, Thomas, but I have to say, I am definitely not with you about Janet overall. I just don't hear any of the "distinctive" personality you're talking about, in hardly any of her music (even the earlier stuff, which I once upon a time loved but have not felt anything for in nearly a decade). Quite the opposite from you, I would assume that it's her producers who have saved her from obscurity (er, that and the fact that she has this famous brother). I definitely prefer Rihanna, at least right now.

More interested in the other Jackson you mention. Know nothing much about Alan, but have loved "Chatahoochee" for a while now, ever since I woke up and realized its disco potential on various wedding dance floors.
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