Monday, February 26, 2007


From an email I just sent to Soto that pretty much sums it up:

-Thought Ellen was very good, and am surprised by the shellacking she seems to be taking in the press.
-‘Pan’s’ is overpraised; was okay with it not winning Foreign. Planning to see ‘Lives of Others’ next weekend.
-Thrilled for ‘Departed,’ as it’s my #1 film of last year.
-A bit surprised by what seems to me a severe ‘Dreamgirls’ backlash. (“Don’t tell US what the front-runner is!”) V. happy that J-Hud escaped it.
-After hearing it, how COULD they give that awful, pedantic Etheridge song an Oscar? (Answer: liberal H’wood, save the planet, blah blah blah – plus the bulk of the Academy doesn’t “get” showtunes, and having 3 nominees hurt ‘em.)
-Arkin probably the least deserving winner – unquestionably, Murphy, Wahlberg, and (especially?) Haley did superior work.

Also: I’d forgotten (if I ever knew) that it’s Dijon Mustard in his undies, lookin' like a banjee boi in Janet’s “Love Will Never Do” video. Really!

I have to disagree with your assessment of the awards. I think that Dreamgirls was TOTALLY overrated and I was even mad that Jennifer Hudson won for a one-note performance. You can't hand someone an Oscar just because they are a good singer. Her acting was horrible. Pan's is a much better film than Dreamgirls. Thank God that Eddie Murphy didn't win the award, that would have been a complete failure of the system. I am a very avid movegoer, but I've found the Academy Awards to just be too frustrating to watch. Only a handful of truly deserving people are nominated, and they rarely ever win.
Jackie Earle Haley totally deserved it over Arkin, yep.
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