Friday, August 24, 2007

Simple Minds - "All the Things She Said" (Once Upon A Time, A&M 1985)

Besides the video, which I happen to find pretty great (I love video tropes like this), the song jams, insofar as Scottish guitar-pop-rock can jam. It fascinates me how Jim Kerr and company had figured out how to take U2's sound to the masses before U2 themselves did, albeit with slicker (Steve Lillywhite) production and somewhat weaker songs. U2-lite: now with 50% less charisma! (Now matter what Chrissie Hynde might think, Kerr's pompous ass has got nothing on Bono's pompous ass.) But I nonetheless love the textures of this song - such as the gently lowing synths connecting the bridge and final choruses - and much of its brethren on the Once Upon A Time album, which largely splits the difference between the likes of "Promised You A Miracle" and "Don't You Forget This Was the Theme from The Breakfast Club."

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