Friday, October 19, 2007

David Bowie - "Bring Me the Disco King" (Reality, ISO/Columbia 2003)

Oh my God, how and why have I never heard this fairly brilliant track before now? One of the more elegiac songs in the Bowie catalog, this emotionally naked, gorgeously stripped-down cut is built around an aching Bowie vocal and some lovely piano. It's from an album I'd never really given a first thought, let alone a second (there's the answer to my question), but now I will.

Didja know this song was first mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview posted months before Black Tie White Noise was released? That's how long he's been working on it.

Anyway, you really should own Reality, the only album in the last 10 years worth the comeback hosannas.
Aw, Alfred...I was just going to say that everything good about Reality is even better on Heathen. But they're both worth owning.
Reality is definitely worth hearing. I have to agree with Paul, Heathen is just a tiny bit better, in my opinion. It's easy to see why so many potential fans might have skipped these records since Bowie's dry spell lasted so long.
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