Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Desert Island Discs (#1 in a series)

We'll see how many this series gets to, but I'm mainly shooting for those records I can listen to forever and ever, amen. No rules: doubles count, comps count, hits records count, etc. If it's mostly comps (whether single- or various-artist), don't be surprised.

Various Artists - Filtered; the Best of Filtered Dance (Tommy Boy Silver Label 2001)
Not only is this beat-mixed by Robbie Rivera, it's really as perfect a filtered disco comp as you could ask for: Stardust start, hand off to Van Helden, Joey Negro, the dub of Spiller's "Groovejet," the classic Dluglosch mix of Moloko's "Sing It Back," Bob Sinclair (before he went all Europe-conquering pop), Mousse T's "Horny," Pete Heller... if that doesn't give you a good picture, either you don't care or you're sleeping. Pretty much everything here will still get your ass moving. Ah, these were the days.

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