Friday, November 09, 2007


-I really need to write about Wynonna, and Juice Newton. Why is there still not a great two-disc Judds comp, by the way? Inexplicable. (There is a decent single-disc on Wynonna, and a great single-disc on Newton, both of which I plan to discuss sooner rather than later. But you know how that goes.)

-I'm so glad King George is releasing 22 More Hits next Tuesday, as a companion piece to 2004's 50 Number Ones. Some of his most classic songs, like "Amarillo By Morning," never hit the top, so this is much-needed and looks like it's got a fine-ass tracklisting. You know I'll probably write about it. (Some thoughts on 50 Number Ones are here.)

-Jay-Z's American Gangster may well be my #1 album of 2007. F'real. Full review coming soon.

-As much as I do like some of Duran Duran's full-lengths, the best way to experience them is via singles - they were an absolutely ace singles machine. And the best way to experience their singles isn't on the imperfect Greatest comp, but via their pair of boxed sets compiling every 45 in their catalog. There are 2 boxes: 1981-85, and 1986-95. Both are great, and kinda essential.

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