Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wynonna - "She Is His Only Need" (Wynonna, Curb 1992)

This Dave Loggins composition verges on twee at times, and Tony Brown's production of it - while lovely - is a bit more clean-and-shiny, perhaps, than best befits the song. Yet it comes off as kinda-sorta tossed-off genius, and that's almost solely due to Wynonna's perfect vocal. On this single from her first post-Judds solo album, all of Wy's gifts are in evidence: the strong sturdiness of her voice, her surprising range (check the "without her" in the chorus - it's not often she sings notes that high), her ability to caress a lyric just as easy as growling it. (In fact, about the only talent we don't hear on this is that deliciously bluesy growl.) "Need" is a tender, dare-I-say touching song, and Wynonna knows exactly what to do with it. A lesser singer could easily make this sub-Celine Dion glop, but Wy sends it to the clouds while keeping one foot firmly planted on the front porch.

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