Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snoop Dogg - "Sensual Seduction" (DoggyStyle/Geffen 2007)

T-Pain? Snoop Dogg don't need no stinkin' T-Pain - he can do by his own damn self! Snoop singing? Through an auto-tuner?! I'm utterly gobsmacked, as the Brits might say, by this - it's like Chromeo played without the wink. (They may be playing it straight, but there's always a "ha ha" element underlying, whether they intend it or not.) Who better to pull this off than avowed Zapp fan(atic) Snoop, who's also not unfamiliar with icy, '80s-cool synths. And this feels right from him, not a move for more adult-demo airplay, but simply his natural artistic progression/maturity. I salute producer Shawty Redd and Snoop (who wrote this), 'cause this is really lovely - Snoop's best single since "Signs."

And of course the video is BEYOND BRILLIANT. Hopefully that much is obvious.

For a man who says dancing isn't in his program, Snoop moves pretty damned well. Who knew?
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